Types of Coffee

Plunger Coffee

Many people these days have plungers, as they can produce a fine brew from good, fresh coffee. Water just off boiling is poured over coarsely ground coffee, and the mixture is stirred to break up the floating coffee grounds so that they sink. The mixture is then allowed to steep for 2 to 4 minutes. The mesh filter is then plunged slowly to the bottom, pushing the grounds with it. The coffee may then be poured.

Plungers are also great because of their versatility. You could add syrups to make an exciting new way of drinking coffee, or try orange rind, cinnamon, or some pieces of dark cooking chocolate. There is no end to the variety of flavours you can add to make an occasion for your taste buds.


This is a traditional Italian method of producing espresso-style coffee in the home.  Water is placed in the base of the vessel, and the basket above it is filled with finely ground coffee. The top is then attached to the base and the vessel is heated on a stovetop. The water is forced by steam pressure through the coffee grounds into the top chamber, creating a great home-brewed coffee.


A well-pulled shot of espresso can be seen as the ultimate achievement of all those who have been involved in its production: from the coffee grower, through the taster to the roast master and finally, the barista.

Espresso coffee is produced when hot water is forced under pressure through a compressed bed of finely ground coffee. An espresso shot (or Short Black) should be 20-30mls, and it should be extracted in 25-30 seconds for the perfect flavour profile.

Espresso shots form the basis of all these delicious coffees:

Flat White

Single shot topped with velvety milk creating a 5-8mm cap.

Long Black

Double shot floated on hot water.

Caffe Latte

Double shot (or single shot) topped with velvety milk creating a 6-10mm cap. Traditionally served in a glass.


Single shot topped with velvety milk creating a 1.5cm-2cm velvety cap. Garnished with chocolate or cinnamon.


Short black marked with approximately a teaspoon of milk foam.

Long Macchiato

Double shot floated on hot water marked with approximately a tablespoon of milk foam.


Means restricted -a Short Black that is stopped at 10 – 15mls so it is purely the essence of the shot.


Double shot topped with hot water leaving room for milk or cream.


A long black with whipped cream on top.


Single shot poured over heaped teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and stirred. Top with velvety milk in a cappuccino style.


Scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream with a single shot poured on top.


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