Today’s Recipe : Snowflake Latte & Greek Frappe

1 – Snowflake Latte

½ oz. vanilla flavored syrup
½ oz. peppermint flavored syrup
10 oz. steamed milk
1 ½ oz. strong coffee or hot fresh

To begin this recipe, bring out the coffee maker or the espresso maker. Prepare the coffee by following the instructions that are on the package or on the machine to get it brewed the way that you like. When this is done, pour the coffee into a mug and then add in the rest of the ingredients, making sure to mix them all together well. Enjoy this right away.

2- Greek Frappe

1 ½ tsp. instant espresso coffee, nescafe
2 tsp. sugar
¼ c. cold water
3 ice cubes
¼ c. cold milk

To begin this recipe, bring out a jar with a lid that can fit on it nice and tight. To this jar you should add 1/5 cup of water, the coffee, and the sugar. Take the time to seal the jar and then shake the ingredients together well until they are nice and foamy, which will take around 30 seconds. Add the ice to a big glass and then pour the coffee with its foam all over the ice. Add in the milk. You can add in a little bit more or less of the milk in order to get it to your liking.Slowly add in a little bit more cold water to your glass so that the foam is able to reach the top of the glass. Serve this coffee right away with straw for sipping and enjoy!.


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