Today’s Recipe : Coffee Nog & Strawberry and Chocolate Mocha

1- Coffee Nog


4 oz. eggnog
4 o. brewed coffee, strong or 2 2 oz.
espresso shots
1 oz. Irish cream, rum, or brandy if you
would like
Whipped cream
Grated nutmeg


To begin this recipe, you will need to bring out the coffee maker or espresso maker that you would like to use. Make
sure to follow the directions that are on the package in order to create the coffee. Brew it as strong as you would like it to be for this recipe. Keep it warm for this recipe. Next you should bring out two glass mugs and fill them up with some hot water in order to warm them up. Place these mugs to the side so that you are able to use them later. Take out a pan and heat up the eggnog gently, but make sure that you do not let  this come to a boil. When the eggnog is
warmed up you can add in the prepared coffee and stir to combine. Pour the water out of the muffs before pouring the coffee and the eggnog into the mugs so that there is an even amount in each one of them. If you would like to use the sugar add it in at this time. Float the liquor on the top by slowing pouring it into the mug over the inverted spoon over each of the mugs. Top with the whipped cream as well as a little bit of nutmeg before serving.


2- Strawberry and Chocolate Mocha


1 c. coffee
8 oz. heavy cream
1 c. chocolate chips
1 c. ice
6 strawberries
¾ c. powdered sugar
Whipped cream and strawberries to use
as garnish.


To begin this recipe, bring out your coffee maker and prepare the coffee the way that you like or by following the directions that are on the package. Once the coffee is prepared you should take it and pour into an ice tray. Place into the freezer in order to freeze. Next, take some ready to bake cookies and bake them by following the directions that are on the package. When they are done cooking you can give them some time to cool down before using them in the recipe.Take the cream and powdered sugar and mix them together in a bowl. At this time you can bring out a blender and place the cream and sugar mixture inside along with the frozen coffee, ice, and strawberries. Add the chocolate chips in next and then blend this all together well. Pour this into some glasses and then serve with a cookie, strawberries, and whipped cream for garnish before enjoying.


Source: Barista at Home.


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