Chapter 5: Five Good Reasons to Drink Butter Coffee

I have already listed loads of benefits to drinking butter coffee, but what I want to do in this chapter is give you five more good reasons that will bring together everything we have talked about in the book so far. This will be your one-stop shop, your reference point when you start to wonder why you are drinking a cup of fat every morning. Whenever someone says to you, “that’s bad for you,” refer back here and refresh your memory on why you are doing it.

Reason 1
Remember, it is the type of butter you use that counts. You must use a high quality, grass-fed unsalted butter. Why?
Because it is the only butter that has the correct type of fat to help regulate your cholesterol level, rather than making the bad cholesterol go mad. It has a top ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. EFA’s (essential fatty acids), in the right balance, have been shown to help burn fat and boost brainpower. Plus, if that weren’t enough, grass-fed butter
contains vitamin K, which is an essential vitamin for keeping the blood healthy and the bones strong.

Reason 2
Butter coffee contains saturated fats – healthy fats – that are essential for your brain to work at optimal levels and for your body to create cell membranes and certain hormones. Did you know that your brain is 60% fat? And that those essential fatty acids that are found in foods like butter and MCT or coconut oil are vital to reduce the risk of brain disease and other impairments? Our bodies cannot make these fats; we can only get them from our food. Drinking a cup of butter coffee every morning is an excellent way to get those saturated fats and essential fatty acids into your brain to power it up. Saturated fats also contain something called butyrate. Now, this was once thought to be bad for you, but extensive research has now shown that to be false. In fact, butyrate can help to prevent brain disease, slow down your energy use, and prevent heart disease because it has anti-inflammatory properties. You might have picked up on the energy use point and be wondering why you would want to slow it down. The simple reason is that if you use all your energy in one go, you’ll be worn out and you’ll have none left to keep
going. Therefore, the butyrate helps to even out that energy use, slowing it down so it lasts for longer.

Reason 3
One cup of butter coffee each morning for breakfast has the effect of kickstarting your body’s fat burning regime.
You must have something every morning. This is because your body has been in a state of fasting all night and your energy levels have gone down to almost zero. You know what it’s like – you stumble out of bed, if you can even be bothered to get up, stumble through your routine, and head for the coffeepot so you can “feel human again”. The reason “breakfast” is called that is because it breaks your night’s fast and pumps energy back into your body. In order to burn fat you need energy, and that comes from whatever you eat in the morning. Drinking a cup of saturated fat and coffee provides that energy quickly as well as making you feel fuller for longer. Plus, grass-fed butter contains something called CLA – conjugated linoleic acid – and this has been shown beyond doubt to help with weight loss, particularly in those who are overweight or clinically obese.

Reason 4
As well as giving you that much-needed energy, butter coffee also increases your cognitive function, to the extent that
many people who drink it every morning say that they can feel their brain kick into gear and stay there for several hours – without any of the crashes you normally get throughout the day. Add the healthy fats that are in the MCT or coconut oil, and butter coffee helps your body to produce ketones, which are the byproduct of fat being used as energy instead of carbohydrates. Your brain needs ketones and so does your body.

Reason 5
One cup of butter coffee, made with 2 tablespoons of butter, is the perfect meal replacement. It contains enough calories and good fats to keep you going, stronger and longer than you ever thought possible. It has a much better effect on your body than a bowl of high carbohydrate oatmeal any day of the week.

Warning – just one – Do not use this as a replacement for every single meal throughout the day. It is intended to kickstart your body in the mornings as a replacement for breakfast only. If you drank a cup of butter coffee at every
meal, not only would you get incredibly sick of it, you would also be doing your body harm. This is because you would not be getting the essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs and that you normally get from your everyday meals.


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