Coffee Shop Business Plan – Chapter 1 : The Big Mistake (Part 2)

The farmer used the left over product as supplemental feed. Accepting failure created an opportunity for reduced costs and greater margins. That kind of counterintuitive thinking fosters
greater success. Accepting and embracing mistakes and imperfections not only allows you to
correct them, but they help to shape your business. The first business plan you create for a coffee shop is fantastic. I’m emphasizing the element of fantasy in fantastic, because you don’t yet know half of what you need to know to make this business work. That’s okay. Few people understand what they want to do, without first seeing all the things they do not want to do. When you are first beginning you don’t know what you don’t know about this business. Those unknown unknowns are like traps hidden in a green field. If you charge ahead heedlessly you’ll spring a trap. Maybe that trap is a mild setback. That’s the most common trap. In the aggregate mild setbacks can create major problems. Sometimes you will encounter a major problem that you had not taken into account when you drew up your business plan. Keeping an open mind to the value of failure in your business will enable you to adapt and correct your course. In doing so, you will have avoided making the big mistake. Furthermore, adopting the mindset that imperfection and failure are okay will help you from feeling so defeated when you stumble. You’ll instead be more resilient, and be able to keep charging forward, knowing that failure is a part of success.


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