If you still enjoy coffee with sugar and cream, chances are that people may think it’s soooo 2013. Why? It’s because everyone from pop music stars to NBA players have replaced the 2 coffee staples with, of all things, butter.

Why on earth would you replace time- honored classics such as sugar and cream with butter? Isn’t butter supposed to be for bread and cakes? Dave Asperey has a very simple answer: It makes for the creamiest, most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

In case you don’t know who Dave Asperey is, he is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, the butter coffee- pioneering company. Dave has credited his amazing 80-pound weight loss to this high-fat diet and beverage. Apart from the satisfying creamy taste, Dave also says butter coffee provides acrash-less caffeine boost. It’s like the magic bullet of coffee – more energy without the penalizing crash. No wonder it’s called bulletproof coffee.

So how did Dave come up with this concoction? He patterned this concoction from a life-changing tea he had while learning to meditate in Tibet. This tea was infused with yak-butterand upon returning to the United States, he figured out how to replicate it with coffee.


To create this amazing concoction, you’ll need the following ingredients:

-Unsalted grass-fed butter, at least 2 tablespoons;

-MCT oil, 1 to 2 tablespoons; and

-Hot brewed low-toxin coffee.


-Start by brewing coffee like you normally do. However, the key to effective bulletproof coffee is usinglow-toxin coffee. If you don’t have access to such beans, you can simply buy the Bulletproof brand of upgraded coffee beans. Use a brown paper filter when brewing. Put extra boiling water in your blende while brewing.

-Before pouring the brewed coffee into the blender, throw out the hot water. Pour in the brewed coffee, butter and MCT oil and blend until it produces a frothy drink similar to a latte. If you’d like a little sweetness, you can use vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate or healthy sugar substitutes like Stevia, erythritol or xylitol.

-Enjoy your energizing butter coffee for breakfast instead of your usual fare.


Bullet proof butter coffee is easy to make in terms of process. However, the key here is using the right ingredients and simply brewing ordinary coffee and dumping the cheapest butter just won’t cut it.


For one, not all coffee is created equal. If you brew the wrong coffee, you will have less energy and feel more lethargic and irritable instead of energetic and joyful. To this extent, many people think that coffee sucks. But nothing can be farther from the truth. It’s the myotoxins in the coffee, not the coffee itself, that makes some people feel that way. This is why the recipe specifies low or toxin- free coffee beans.

As with coffee, not all butter is created equal. Butters made from grain-fedanimals have a different fat profile compared to grass-fed ones, i.e., they don’t blend as well, don’t taste as delicious and doesn’t have key fat soluble vitamins, the latter being a key reason for the coffee making us bulletproof. This is why authentic butter coffee requires butter from grass-fedbovine.

The last ingredient, MCT oil, completes the Holy Trinity of this power concoction. As noted in the previous chapter, MCT oils are very beneficial for energy and fat loss. It also helps improve mental performance, helping us feel better (fatty happy, remember?) and eventually, leaner. It also helps that it makes the coffee taste even better.


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