Starbucks Recipes : Mocha Frappuccino

Makes 12 oz. (Starbucks Tall)

What You Need:


French Press

Keurig or Coffee Maker

Mocha Mix:

Starbucks Mocha Powder (or any mocha powder with sugar and vanilla) Hersheys Chocolate Syrup (or Starbucks brand chocolate syrup)

Starbucks Cafe Verona, Pike Place, or other dark coffee —K-cups, coffee beans, or ground coffee


Frappuccino Mix:

Milk – skim, 2%, whole — your choice

Ice cubes


Reddi-Wip Extra Creamy


Prepare double-strong coffee. The milk and ice dilute the coffee strength so starting with weak coffee will result in a somewhat bland drink. Control the strength through a French press or coffee maker. Using a French press, mix 3/4 cup ground coffee into the press with 3 cups of boiled water (not still boiling). Pour into mixing dish and add 3/4 cup of sugar and 4 tbsp of mocha powder. Mix well and allow sugar to dissolve. Use same ratio for coffee makers, but add the mocha powder and sugar directly to mixing bowl with coffee after dripping is complete. Allow sugar to dissolve.

If you use a Keurig, your coffee might not turn out as strong, just use a little less milk during the blending step. You’ll need to make equivalent to 24 oz. of coffee using the smallest cup setting on your machine so the coffee is as strong as possible. (Also, be aware that unless you use a strong coffee, the final product might be a little weaker than you’re expecting.) Add the mocha powder and sugar after dripping is complete. Allow sugar to dissolve.

When mocha mix is complete, divide into 3 separate 1-cup servings. Pour into small mason jars or otherfreezer-safe container so they can be frozen for later use. When mixed with milk and ice, each mason jar should provide enough mocha mix for approximately four 12 oz. servings (or one 48 oz. blender full). Total 12 oz servings per batch should be 12. (That’s a “Tall” frappuccino for less than $1)

To Combine:

In blender, mix 1 cup of mocha mix, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of chocolate syrup, and fill the rest of the blender with cubed ice. Mix until ice is smooth. Taste. If the chocolate flavor is not as strong as you’d like, blend an additional 1 tsp of mocha and 3 tbsp of chocolate sauce into the blender.

Pour into serving glasses and top with Redd-Wip and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Your drink is complete!


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