Non-milk based coffee beverages


The espresso drink is made by forcing water through grounded coffee beans. Typically a single shot of espresso drink uses 7 grams of grounded coffee beans to produce a 1 oz. beverage. Making a shot of espresso takes roughly 25 to 30 seconds. The beverage is usually served in pre-warmed ceramic cups. The taste of the espresso drink will be affected if not done at the proper temperature, with incorrect grind size, wrong speed and extraction time.


The Ristretto is commonly known as a short shot of an espresso drink; it is a smaller and more concentrated version of the espresso that is typically .75oz in volume or ¾ of a regular espresso shot. It is known as a short shot because the drink is the first part of an espresso shot and usually takes approximately 15 seconds for extraction. The coffee beans used when extracting the Ristretto drink are grounded finer than the coffee beans used when making a shot of espresso –this is done to decrease the pour rate of the coffee extraction process for a richer and more concentrated drink.

The beverage uses the same amount of grounded coffee as the normal espresso drink. A Ristretto drink is sweeter and richer than the normal shot of espresso, because it is the first part of the espresso drink.

Doppio Espresso

The Doppio coffee drink is a two shots of espresso drink. A wide range of commercial espresso machines comes equipped with the option of making two shots of espresso at once. The Doppio requires 14 grams of grounded coffee beans and takes 25 to 30 seconds to extract; twice the amount of ground coffee as a regular espresso drink but the same extraction time, to produce the 2 oz. beverage. However, when you chose to extract two shots of espresso to make the doppio, it will take twice as much time.

Lungo (Caffe Crema, Crema Coffee,or Long Coffee)

Typically, the lungo will be three shots of a regular espresso drink or a Doppio, which will be 3 to 6 oz. in volume. The lungo drink will use the same amount of grounded coffee beans as a regular shot of espresso (7 grams). The extraction time for the beverage is normally between one to two minutes. The drink is not as strong or as sweet as a regular espresso drink, ristretto or a doppio, because water passes through the same volume of grounded coffee a bit longer than all espresso drinks mentioned before.

Black Coffee

Black coffee can be made by using a drip coffee maker, a plunger or the stove top. The drink is usually made using freshly ground coffee beans. Ground coffee generally starts losing its great taste and flavor after a couple days to two weeks. When preparing black coffee on the stove top, the grounded coffee should not be boiled beyond 2-3 minutes; it will quickly start losing its flavor. Black Coffee is not as flavorful as the espresso beverages, has less caffeine and is traditionally served in an 8 oz. cup. The main characteristic that sets the black coffee apart from an espresso is the process of making the drink itself. When preparing black coffee you are brewing coffee. When making an espresso drink, the water is forced through the ground at high pressure to extract the coffee beverage from ground coffee.

Caffe Americano

A Caffe Americano is hot water added to a single or double shot of espresso drink. The hot water added is usually two times the volume of the espresso drink or 2:1 ratio. Therefore, if a 1 oz. shot of espresso drink is used, 2 oz. of hot water is added. The size, taste and strength will depend on the amount of hot water used and the number of espresso shots. Many people often choose to add more or less than double the volume of hot water to the espresso drink to achieve the taste that suit their needs. Adding the hot water after to the extracted espresso drink will break apart the crema layer.

Long Black

The long black is the opposite of the Caffe Americano – a single or double shot of espresso drink is added to hot water. The long black uses a 2:1 ratio for hot water and espresso. 2 oz. of hot water to 1 oz. of espresso drink, or 4 oz. of hot water to 2 oz. of espresso. Unlike the Americano, the crema layer of the espresso drink will be retained with the long black because it is added to the hot water. The retention of the crema layer allows you to enjoy the sweet, aromatic taste of the extracted beverage.

Red Eye (“Shot in the dark”, “Hammerhead” or “Depth Charge”)

The red eye is a shot of espresso drink added to the standard drip coffee. The combination of the two types of beverage provides an extra boost to the levels of caffeine. There are three different variations of the drink: the black eye, the green eye or dead eye, and the lazy eye.

The black eye is drip coffee with two shots of espresso drink or a doppio; the dead eye is drip coffee with three shots of espresso drink; and the lazy eye is decaffeinated drip coffee with a shot of espresso drink.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is brewed in a cezve or ibrik on the stove. The ibrik is a small pot with wooden handle that is usually made from copper. If you are unable to locate the ibrik, you can brew in small pan. Grounded coffee beans and sugar (if required) are added to the water in ibrik on stove and are stirred together. It is important to remember that if you need sugar, it should be added to mixture before the brewing process begins. The drink is brewed on low heat to allow coffee to produce a crema layer. Once a crema layer is formed, the ibrik is removed from heat. Then the crema layer is poured into a cup and ibrik is returned to heat again for another crema layer to be formed. After that you can pour the contents into a cup. Turkish coffee produces a stronger aroma and preserves the taste and flavor of the coffee beans to a much greater extent than the espresso drink and drip coffee beverages.

Espresso Con Panna

Traditionally, the espresso con panna is a single or double shot of espresso drink with whipped cream on top. Some chose to sprinkle cocoa powder on the whipped cream for additional flavor.


A Corretto is an alcoholic coffee beverage made from a single shot of espresso drink with liquor, usually one shot or less. Very often the type of liquor is brandy, grappa, cognac liquor, or Sambuca. The espresso ristretto is used as the base of the drink in order to achieve a more sweet and flavorful beverage.

Irish coffee 

The Irish coffee is another popular alcoholic coffee drink. It is made from Irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee (drip or other type), one tablespoon brown sugar and heavy cream. At some coffee chops heavy cream is sometimes substituted by whipped cream.


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