5 Simple Steps to a Fresh Cup of Home Brew Coffee Part 2

3. Extract the Coffee

Coffee extraction is the process of ‘soaking’ the ground coffee with hot water that is between 91 to 96ºC. The temperature of water and the timing of extraction (ie, the duration that you ‘soak’ the grounds) will affect the taste of your cup.

Play around with these 2 variables to find the conditions that would produce a cuppa that is to your liking. After all, the ideal cup of coffee varies individually.

Types of extractions

There are various types of coffee extraction equipment available in the market for home brewers – The French Press, The Coffee Dripper, The Aeropress and many more.

4. Modify to Taste

Add your sugar or milk to taste.

Adding Milk

Always heat up your milk before adding it to your coffee. Adding cold milk to a warm cup of coffee will reduce the temperature of the coffee, affecting the taste of the coffee. Frothing is usually done in cafes with the espresso machines to bring up the temperature of the milk to about 65ºC.

We will recommend that you simply heat up your milk before adding it to your coffee. Frothing is optional for home brewers.

5. Serve (and consume) Warm


As the temperature of the coffee changes, the taste of the cup of coffee will change. Don’t put all your efforts to waste by leaving your cup of coffee to cool while you decide to read a book or answer some emails.

Unless you like cold coffee. ..


Having a fresh cup of coffee at home is just down to the 5 simple steps that you have just read;

1.Select your coffee beans

2.Grind your coffee beans

3.Extract the coffee

4.Enhance to taste

5.ALWAYS consume hot (or warm)


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