How to order an Italian Coffee – Popular Italian Coffee Drinks

Caffè  –  In  Italy  the  word  “caffè”

naturally implies an espresso. There is no need to specify “espresso” when ordering. It will be served in a porcelain demitasse  cup  “tazzina”  with its  own saucer    and    little    stirring    spoon. Pronunciation: cahf-FEH


Caffè Macchiato – this espresso is served in a demitasse cup and has a dash of hot milk, probably frothed, though no attention is placed on serving foam. This is not a mini-cappuccino. Pronunciation: Mahk-key-AH-toe


Caffè   Macchiato   Freddo   –   An

espresso served in a demitasse cup with cold or lukewarm milk on the side. It looks like a normal caffè next to a carafe of milk. It is! Many bars provide a communal container of milk on the bar, so often someone can just order a caffè and add the milk themselves. It’s best to order the caffè macchiato freddo and let the barman direct you. If you absolutely

want to add the milk yourself, you can make sure to specify, “il latte a parte” – milk on the side. Pronunciation: Mahk- key-AH-toe FREHD-doh


Cappuccino – Probably the most well-known and loved coffee drink, it has   a   long   history.   Espresso   and steamed, frothy milk added so that there is a clean layer of milk foam in a larger cup, a tazza. Your cappuccino will most definitely be made with full-fat milk – don’t ask for skim (full fat is only 4g fat per 100g, so enjoy!) Most Italians wouldn’t have a cappuccino after 11am, and never during or directly after a meal that’s not breakfast. Cappuccino seems to be ok from 12am-11am (from “disco to dawn”)  but many Italians  may have  a caffè macchiato after lunch.


Marocchino – In some areas of Italy,

also called an Espressino, Americanino or  Mocacchino,  this  is  my  drink  of choice and was what ultimately led me to be addicted to caffè italiano. It is a shot of espresso served in a glass demitasse (for aesthetic reasons), with a sprinkling of cacao (added either before or after the milk, sometimes both) and milk foam spooned on top. Variations on the marocchino include Nutella or chocolate syrup instead of just cocoa powder, and in some regions they leave out  the  cocoa  altogether  and  serve  a mini-cappuccino. Pronunciation: mar- roh-KEY-noh



Latte  Macchiato  or  Caffè  latte

Milk “stained” with coffee, and served hot in a glass cup as shown or in a tall glass,  larger  than  a  cappuccino. Emphasis is not on foam/froth, you may get some when the steamed milk is poured out, but probably not. Note: this is not a latte which I cover later, though

some  people  order  it by saying caffè latte – if you say just latte, you’ll get a glass of milk. Pronunciation: LAHT-tay mahk-key-AH-toe


Caffè Corretto – An espresso in a demitasse cup, with a dash of liquor of your choice. Popular liquors are grappa, Sambuca (anise-flavored liqueur), cognac,  rum,  or  my personal  favorite, Baileys Irish Cream. You can also ask for a Marocchino Corretto and they should oblige you. Pronunciation: cahf-FEH kohr-REHT-toe



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