How to order an Italian Coffee – Popular Variations on Caffè Espresso

These  drinks  are  further  variations  on the  coffee  itself.  Most of these  drinks can have  milk added  to  them but  the important  thing  about  ordering  these drinks is specifying how it is brewed – doubled, water added, chilled, reduced!

Caffè Doppio  Two shots of espresso, served in a  larger  cup, tazza  grande. Pronunciation: DOHP-peeoh

Caffè Americano  A shot of espresso with hot water added and served in the larger  tazza.  Pronunciation:  ah-mehr- ee-CAHN-oh


Caffè   Lungo     A  setting  on  most espresso machines, more water is being run  through  the  filter,  resulting  in  a “longer”  coffee.  The  consistency  and strength is not the same as an espresso. Pronunciation: cahf-FEH LOON-goh Caffè Stretto or Ristretto – Made with less water than a normal espresso, this caffè    is    served    in    a    demitasse. Pronunciation: cahf-FEH  ree-STREHT- toh


Caffè  d’Orzo  (above)    While   not technically coffee or espresso, it’s made from orzo, barley, and is a popular alternative to traditional espresso while also being decaffinated. To me it has a nutty,  almost  chocolaty  taste   that  is subtle and something I enjoy ordering as a change from regular coffee or in late afternoon. It can be ordered as a single, doppio,  or  macchiato  like  a  normal caffè. It may be made with special pods for the espresso machine or in its own machine.  You  can  see  this  has  some bubbles because the caffè d’orzo is not as     thick     as     a     regular     caffè. Pronunciation: cahf-FEH DOOR-zoh Caffè Ginseng – Similar to caffè d’orzo in that it’s usually made with a powder or special pods, it’s coffee made with the  ginseng  root.  Pronunciation:  cahf- FEH gin-SENG

Caffè Freddo  Espresso is left to raffreddare or get cool, or is sometimes refrigerated and served cold or lukewarm.

Caffè HAG  Not only is this the most popular brand of decaffeinated coffee in Italy, it can also be a way to indicate a decaffeinated  coffee  when ordering.  It can be ordered as a single, double or macchiato like a normal caffè. Pronunciation:Ahg – the H is silent or if you want to order decaffinato Pronunciation: day-cah-fee-NAH-toh


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