How to order an Italian Coffee – Special Coffee Drinks

Not all bars will have these specialties available (and some not year-round) but if you find a bar that does them right, you’ve found a favorite for life!


Caffè  Affogato  –  literally,  drowned coffee. But what a way to go – coffee drowned by a scoop of ice cream. Pronunciation: ahf-foh-GAH-toh


Granita  di  Caffè  –  Granita,  an  icy coffee treat widely known in Rome at the famous Tazza d’Oro in Rome. This can be found in some gelaterie or bars that have granita, but it is not a common flavor. Pronunciation: grah-NEE-tah

Caffè Completo –  This  may be available at a few select bars (ask if you don’t mind striking out every once and a while, not every bar will have one) a Caffè Completo at Cafffè Camerino (in Rome) had fresh whipped cream on top with a sprinkling of cacao, and others vary between adding Nutella  or  other treats. It’s not just a coffee, it’s something more. Pronunciation: com-PLEH-toh

Caffè Shakerato – This is my favorite summer coffee drink. Coffee shaken with ice and usually sugar, too. It’s great on its own, or try it with Bailey’s Irish Cream for  an  even better  experience!

Pronunciation: this word actually is half- American,  half-Italian in that shake  is pronounced exactly like it is in milkshake, with the rest of the word sounding Italian (it was very confusing for me, too) shay-kehr-AH-toe



Bicerin – A Torinese (Turin) specialty – hot chocolate, espresso and frothy milk served in a  glass. If you go to Turin, make sure you check out a  Bicerin at Baratti  & Milano –  beautiful interiors. Pronunciation: bee-cher-EEN

Caffè con Panna – Espresso with fresh- whipped  cream.  Some  bars  will  have this as a specialty but not all bars will have fresh whipping cream on hand. Pronunciation: PAHN-nah


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