You’ll need a blender and some spinach, a banana, some strawberries and your choice of soy milk or almond milk. Blend all these ingredients together adding each one slowly. Once you see that it’s all blended together you can enjoy your green smoothie. This is one way recipe for a green smoothie and you will learn that there are lots of other recipes.


You can get two bananas, a half of a cup of your choice of a pineapple, apple or a peach plus you’ll need sixteen ounces of water and one and a half cups of kale or spinach. Blend these ingredients together until it’s smooth. If you want the smoothie as smooth as possible, just blend for a longer amount of time to get it extra smooth.


Another tip is that if you want your smoothie colder, take all the ingredients and freeze them over night or you can add some ice cubes in the blender too. The amount of time spent in blending all these ingredients together will depend on the blender you are using and the way you prefer your smoothie. Don’t be afraid to blend everything for a longer period if you like your smoothies smooth. There is not right amount of time or no wrong amount of time to keep your ingredients blending because it’s all your choice.


You can add anything you’d like to the ingredients to make a smoothie so don’t be afraid to add and or take out some ingredients. Once you get to making smoothies, you’ll know just how you like yours and which ingredients that you prefer. There are recipe books that can help tell you which ingredients to add and which to leave out. You can make different green smoothies every day if you prefer to change it up but if you do that, remember to write the ingredients down if you want to make that same one again.


The smoothies are not only tasty but they are nutritious for you. You’ll be getting a smoothie that you love with vegetables and fruits recommended for you. If you aren’t eating your fruits or vegetables but are drinking them, it’s the very same thing plus you are getting your daily allowance. When you add the fruit to these smoothies the taste of the fruit is what you will taste.


As you continue to drink these green smoothies you’ll see that you body won’t need or crave the junk foods or the sweets, now you’ll be balancing out your diet with the fruits and vegetables and you are going to see a weight loss as well. If a person cannot eat raw vegetables, drinking a green smoothie is the best way for them to have all of their vitamins and nutrients that a person needs daily.


The green smoothies are going to give you energy that you need so you can start a workout program if you aren’t on one. You’ll see that you are going to spend less time in the kitchen as the green smoothies are very easy to make. Add whatever you want to the smoothie and drink up. If you like the smoothie because it tastes good, keep drinking it. You don’t have to know that this is all healthy for you. You can use frozen or fresh fruits when you make your green smoothies as either way it will be fine.


As healthy as a green smoothie is, you’ll want to make it healthier by getting the daily exercise you will need and the rest that is recommended, plus you’re still going to need to drink lots of water. Trying for a stress free life is what is going to make us happy and healthier. Learn how to take better care yourself too. Watch your alcohol intake if you are choosing to become healthy and keep on drinking these green smoothies for your fruit and vegetable intake.


You can enjoy a green smoothie any time of the day either will a meal or for a snack. There are juice bars that offer lots of different green smoothies. Order one with all the veggies and fruits that you love even when you’re away from home. When you first start making green smoothies try to put more fruits in the juicer and make it sweet to start with. As you get used to drinking the smoothie, start to add more and more vegetables to it so that you will gradually get used to the taste.


Green smoothies are great for the parents of the children that refuse to eat their vegetables and don’t care much for fruit. Give them a green smoothie and they’ll be sure to drink it and get their quantity of the vegetables their bodies need. Let them help you make it too, that’s all the fun leading up to this tasty drink. Soon they’ll be making their own and making yours as well. They can have this drink as a snack or with any of their meals. Either way, they are getting their daily vegetables and fruits.


You can blend anything healthy into a green smoothie, peanut butter, raisins, some yogurt if you’d like. Anything that you have on hand and is good for you, try it. Add either water or ice cubes or both to the mix. If the green smoothie comes out as good as you expected just write down all the ingredients that you used for the next time when you want that very same taste.


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