Ten Good Herbs to Start with

  1. Mint or Peppermint Its refreshing taste is uplifts and cleanses, as well as wonderful for a soothing stomach. Peppermint is easy to grow in sunny and semi-shaded spots. Keep it pot-bound. The leaves are the part used for making tea.


  1. Lavender – fragrant, perfect for soothing, recommended for distressing and headaches. It grows best in full sun, well-drained soil. Lavender buds are the part of the plant used for tea.


  1. Rose Hips – are the seed cases for roses, high in vitamin C. Rose hips will form once the rose bush seeds. Make sure they are orange-red before harvesting. Clean gently before.


  1. Bergamot – this is known for its orange flavour, a famous tea using this herb is Earl Grey. It produces bright red/pink flowers and prefers full sun or semi-shade.


  1. Chamomile – an apple scented herb, used for its calming and relaxing properties. Produces daisy-like flowers, best in full sun to semi-shade. The flowers are the preferred part for tea.


  1. Jasmine- its fragrance is reminiscent of summer time, best in full sun to semi-shade and requires a trellis. Not suitable for cold winter climates, however, so if you endure that sort of weather, will need the potting arrangement for indoors. The flowers are used for the tea.


  1. Coriander – more commonly used in cooking it is a good addition and has multiple uses. With strong lemon undertones and a spicy flavour. Full sun to semi-shade. The leaves are used for tea.


  1. Violets – a perfume smell. They prefer shady growing areas and are easy reported plants. A good source of vitamins A and C. they are soothing and refreshing and are a good after winter. The dried leaves are suitable for steeping


  1. Rosemary – eases emotional depression and blood circulation issues. Strong full sun or light shade, and requires well-drained soil.


  1. Stevia a natural herb sweetener. Stevia does not handle colder weather so keep indoors wintertime. Leaves are naturally sweet and their sweetness can be concentrated by dehydrating them

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